ATM Black Box

Micro ATM Black Box is GSM based security system specially designed to provide full protection to the ATM centers.

It is web based monitoring and controlling system to safeguard the ATMs. It gives the latest status of ATM centers to the Registered User.

Features of Micro ABB

  • Sends an alert to the server in case the Mains fail or if Mains is restored.
  • Detects if the UPS fails and sends an alert to the server
  • Detects change in temperature and sends update to the server
  • Sends an alert to the server if ATM machine or Micro ABB unit is tampered
  • Controls and monitors various electrical devices like AC, light and utility
  • Monitor Login/Logout status of the employee
  • Send an emergency alert to the server through wireless panic button
  • Internal battery back-up for 3-4 hrs
  • Sensors for motion detection & intrusion
ATM Black Box
ATM Black Box